Heavy duty performer is someone who wins every fight with strength and grit, who knocks out his opponents with incredible performance every time, lasts long with proven durability and with-stand the stresses of demanding usage. This heavy duty ability is a source of inspiration for us. That’s why we have designed a truly innovative cement which embodies heavy duty in each and every particle.


Platinum Heavy Duty Cement with its special combination of high reactive fly ash containing short discrete fibres, easily resists moderate sulphate and chloride attacks. Thus, protects the reinforced bars from the menace of rust. The result being, your dream house remains fresh as ever and durable for years.
Benefits: Super Fine Particles | Added Fibres | World Class Packaging


Our Latest offering to you, Platinum heavy Duty Cement is nothing but our obsession towards backwards quality Control. Right from paying attention towards the limestone quality to enforcing world-class quality control measures in production processes , we have taken the utmost care to bring you the best.
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About Us

Platinum Heavy Duty Cement is a part of JK organization, the Rs 21,000-crore conglomerate with a workforce of over 40,000, has business interests across the globe, spanning over 90 countries. The JK Organisation traces its origin in the 18th century, when it came into being under the leadership of Lala Kamlapatji and his father Lala Juggilalji, therefore the name ‘J.K.’


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