Platinum Heavy Duty Cement with its special combination of high reactive fly ash containing short discrete fibres, easily resists moderate sulphate and chloride attacks. Thus, protects the reinforced bars from the menace of rust. The result being, your dream house remains fresh as ever and durable for years.


Super fine particles

  • More volume per bag
  • High early strength
  • Better workability
  • Speedy construction
  • Superior finishing
  • More coverage in less effort
  • Dense concrete
  • Long term durable structure


  • Minimum rebound loss and less wastage
  • Reduced shrinkage cracks
  • Superior bonding on re-inforced bars

World Class Packaging

  • Aesthetically pleasing  
  • Moisture resistant  
  • Tamper proof  
  • Weight assurance  
  • Hologram for authenticity  
  • First ever lens technology for non-duplication  

English Leaflet

Hindi Leaflet


  • What do you mean by PHD Cement?
    PHD Cement - Platinum Heavy Duty Cement is a modern premium cement manufactured by JK Lakshmi cement Ltd (a unit of JK Organisation). It is nothing but our obsession towards backward quality control.
    PHD cement is produced by using carefully selected high quality raw materials. Stringent quality norms and strict quality control at each stage of production gives us consistent final product i.e. PHD Cement. Special attention is provided for getting high early strength during design of raw mix recipe.
  • What does "setting time" mean?
  • How does the fineness of Portland cement effect its performance?
    Typically, cement is ground to very fine particle size to enhance its ability to react with water and to increase fluidity in its plastic state. A smaller particle size improves the mixing characteristics and strength development of the paste. Finer ground cement tend to set or react quicker than coarser ground products. Mix becomes cohesive.
  • How long can I keep cement?
    The Indian Standard (BIS) specify the time limit of 3 months for sample testing of the cement. Hence the best performance is observed within the 3 months of usage from the date of manufacturing.
    Store cement in a building which is dry, leak proof and as moisture proof as possible. There should be minimum number of windows in the storage building. For extra safety during the monsoon, or to store for an unusually long period, the stack shall be completely enclosed by a waterproofing membrane such as polyethylene, which shall close on the top of the stack. Care shall be taken to see that the waterproofing membrane is not damaged any time during the use.
  • Why does concrete crack?
    Concrete, like all other materials, will slightly change in volume when it dries out. This is about 1/16 of an inch in 10 feet. The reason that contractors put joints in concrete pavements and floors is to allow the concrete to crack in a neat, straight line at the joint when the volume of the concrete changes due to shrinkage. 
  • Why should I use PHD cement?
    PHD Cement - Platinum Heavy Duty Cement is a modern premium cement having the following benefits:-
    • PSD technology gives you higher strength and dense concrete which resists penetrations of harmful gases from air & protects rebar from rust .In this way it helps in enhancing durability of construction.
    • Hologram & lens technology give protection from duplicity.
    • Better packing gives you assured correct weight. There will not be spillage of cement.
    • Higher fineness gives more volume which also makes construction economical. It also gives better finishing in less effort for finishing work like plaster, IPS flooring etc.
    • Higher early strength decreases the de-shuttering period which increases speed of construction & save shuttering cost .In this way you can make saving.
    • Discrete & short Fibre helps in increasing tensile strength and thus helps in resisting in probable cracks.
    • Bonding with rebar is better.
  • How do I identify the PHD bags?
    PHD bags are easy to identify because
    • Beautiful design & aesthetically attractive.
    • Hologram for authenticity on the bag.
    • First ever lens technology for non-duplication.
    • Water resistant bag using first in kind technology (Safe-Flex packaging).
  • What is durability?
    Durability means that the given concrete structure will continue to perform its intended functions, that is to maintain its required strength and serviceability, during the specified or traditionally expected service life
  • How the durability is enhanced with PHD?
    In PHD, durability is enhanced by its all new PSD technology as well as selected high quality raw materials which provides you highly dense concrete & fibres inside the cement also protect it from cracking, which also increase the life of construction.
    Optimum performance in terms of strength, bonding, chemical resistance & durability is achieved in concrete /mortar when water to cement ratio is kept as low as possible & consistent with ensuring satisfactory placing & thorough compaction.
  • I want to build my house having area of 1000 sqft, how many bags should I purchase?
    If you are constructing load bearing structure, you will need approx. 350 bags for construction of 1000 sq. ft. area.
  • What is material calculator?
    Our material calculator will help you to calculate the quantity of cement & other building materials required for your construction. You can get the material estimate (No. of cement bags required for construction) by putting the following fields
    1 .Area of slab (Length, width and thickness)
    2 Cement to aggregate ratio.